January 18, 2016

California Wildlife Officers Foundation Board

Chairman Judd Hanna,

For two months now I have put off writing this letter trying to come up with the right words to say thank you to the board for the overwhelming generosity and support that you all have showed me through the difficult time of losing my leg.

Since May I have received countless emails, texts, phone calls from all over the country offering words of encouragement and support, but the state of California Wildlife Officers  showed me something that I have seemed to overlook in my 9 years as a Game Warden. That is, that the Game Warden family extends much further than the state of Montana. You all truly have went so far above and beyond what I ever expected, and for that, me and my family are and forever will be forever grateful.

On January 25th we will begin the process of building my second prosthetic leg. This leg will be much more advanced than the beginner leg I have now, and will allow me to safely perform the job that I love and continue to enjoy the great resources that we all protect. Thanks to the Foundations support, this is possible.

On January 11th my son started the California Law Enforcement Academy in Santa, Rosa. I now know he will be in good hands with fellow LEO’s past and present to surround himself with in your great state.

Chairman Hanna, the CWOF’s mission is absolutely amazing, and words cannot express how thankful I truly am.

Thank you all so much, and keep up the good fight. I know I will.

Ron Howell FG110 Montana Game Warden