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Buy a Warden Stamp

Buy a Warden Stamp

Every day wildlife officers are on the land, in the air, and on the water working to protect California’s valuable natural resources.  
By purchasing a Warden Stamp, you can show your support for the important work wildlife officers do.
The Warden Stamp is a decal that can be proudly displayed on vehicles or other items. All funds raised from the sales of the stamp go to purchase:

  • New communications and surveillance devices
  • Protective equipment
  • Training in specialized areas
  • New law enforcement programs, such as the CDFW's K-9 Program  

The 2019 California Warden Stamp is AVAILABLE NOW..........


Closed FOR 2019-2020

CALWOF is humbled by the participation and the quality of candidate for our scholarship program. We were able to award just under $70,000 is scholarships to Wildlife Officers or their spouse, or the dependent children of active-duty Wildlife Officers. See you next year.

The California Wildlife Officers Foundation seeks applications for grants to assist with the educational needs of Wildlife Officers and their families. Applicants must be active-duty Wildlife Officers or spouse, or the dependent children of active-duty Wildlife Officers. Preference will be given to applicants who best differentiate themselves from other applicants by their accomplishments, experiences and personal goals in the form of a resume or any other preferred format. 

2019 will be the twelfth year that the Foundation has made scholarship grants. We will be using a submission by an online process. Please review the Program Instructions for each process. Please identify any special circumstances or special needs that should be considered by the Grants Committee. 

Applicants are required to provide recommendation letters from third parties who are familiar with you and can vouch for your good character. Recognize that we will evaluate this part of the application process based on references from teachers, community leaders and interested third parties higher than affirmations from family members or persons described merely as “friends.” Wildlife Officers applying please submit a recommendation letter from your supervisor. 

Any additional information you can provide us about yourself that will make it easier for us to allocate funds among worthy applicants will be helpful, as we expect to receive thirty or more applications. 

A minimum of two recommendation letters are required. Additional letters, volunteer work and community service may enhance your scoring. The checklist in the Program Instructions for each submittal process should help you provide a comprehensive package for our consideration. 

Incomplete or unsigned applications will not be considered. We will not acknowledge receipt of your application package. A completed W-9 Form and student enrollment verification should be included in your submittal. 

If there is any question regarding the tax handling of these funds, recipients are encouraged to seek guidance from their tax professional.