What Wildlife Officers Do

All in a day's work

Wildlife Officers operate in the Law Enforcement division of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. They patrol across California in back country, lakes, rivers, beaches, wetlands, desert as well as metropolitan areas. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is one of the most diverse agencies as Wildlife Officers patrol every part of the State, not just parks or highways.

Assignments may include special undercover operations and patrols using jet skis, jet boats, airplanes, horseback, canoes, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, etc.

​As with any other law enforcement career, being a Wildlife Officer can be dangerous. Officers patrol alone, often in remote locations with minimal backup. Wildlife Officers receive specialized training which prepares them for these activities. Training alone is not enough and must be combined with common sense and good people skills to achieve rapport with the community and accomplish the job safely. Remember those who have sacrificed their lives while protecting our resources.

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