Widdle Wardens

As part of our mission to support California wildlife officers and their families, CalWOF is excited to announce a new program called “Widdle Wardens.” The program directly benefits California Wildlife Officers and their children ages 5 and under. We understand the demands on parents and, again, want to protect those who protect our resources. Active-duty California Wildlife Officers can reach out to info@calwof.org for more information.

“When I learned about this new program, it brought a tear to my eye. They again show that they are there for us AND our families."

Warden C.T.Los Banos, CA

Help Spread The Word And Preserve The Future

Do you want to help support the Wildlife Officers and the “Widdle Warden” Program?

  1. Donate today and show your support for “Widdle Wardens” by navigating to this page and then selecting “Widdle Wardens” at checkout.

  2. Spend some time to understand the scope of the brave men and women who protect California’s vital resources. One great way to read some stories from our archives about who they are and what they do.

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Help enable the brave men and women who put themselves at risk on a daily basis to protect our great state's natural resources.