Support K9s and Protect California’s Natural Resources

K9s who assist the California Wildlife Officers are invaluable assets in protecting our natural resources. CalWOF and the Department of Fish and Wildlife are collaborating on a K9 training facility to be located in Central California. Your help can make this collaboration a reality.

The Role of a California Wildlife Officer

A California Game Warden, also known as a Wildlife Officer or Conservation Officer, is a law enforcement professional responsible for protecting California’s wildlife, natural resources, and enforcing conservation laws and regulations.

Wildlife Conservation and Protection

Game wardens are tasked with protecting and preserving all of the state’s fish and wildlife, including endangered and threatened species. They enforce laws related to hunting, fishing, trapping, and other wildlife activities to ensure sustainable management of our natural resources.

Investigating Environmental Crimes

They investigate environmental crimes such as pollution, illegal waste dumping, and habitat destruction, to ensure compliance with environmental laws.

Patrol and Surveillance of the Entire State

Game wardens have the authority to patrol every square inch of California, including federal lands, all of California’s remote and wild areas, including forests, deserts, mountains, and water bodies. Their presence helps deter poaching, illegal fishing, and other environmental crimes.

NEW PROGRAM!!! "Widdle and Middle Wardens"

The program directly benefits California Wildlife Officers and their children ages 5 and under. We understand the demands on parents and, again, want to protect those who protect our resources.

How CalWOF ("Cal-Woof") Helps

The California Wildlife Officer Foundation (CalWOF) exists to provide financial and civilian support to the brave California Wildlife Officers and their families.

Financial Assistance

Protecting the diverse wildlife of our great state can be both challenging and costly. We provide financial assistance in the form of grants, helping to bolster, prepare, and care for the brave service people who risk everything for our state’s natural resources.

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Making sure our officers are educated in a variety of ways is paramount, which is why we’re committed to making higher education affordable. We help Wildlife Officers and their families with college finances and the costs of various educational programs in order to arm them with all manner of knowledge and training.

Training and Safety Support

We’re here to make sure CA Wildlife Officers get what they need to serve our state well. Foundation funds may assist Wildlife Officers in securing resources that are otherwise unavailable in their annual state budget, giving them the tools they need for continued analysis and dynamic research.

Furthering Awareness

Beyond providing financial assistance and educational resources we also exist to further public knowledge about the vital services Wildlife Officers perform. Part of our mission is to teach the citizens of our state about what these brave Officers do, and how all of us can help make sure that they’re taken care of.

K9 Program

The K9s who assist the California Wildlife Officers are invaluable assets in protecting our natural resources. The California Wildlife Officers Foundation (CalWOF) is proud to support these courageous 4-legged officers.

Pink Patch Project

Protecting and raising awareness for those fighting breast cancer. For the month of October, CalWOF is selling these limited editions patches to aid in the fight against cancer and support those on the thin green line in their own personal battle.

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How You Can Help

Are you looking to get involved with helping Wildlife Officers throughout the state?

About Us

CalWOF was officially incorporated in February 2007 by a visionary group of Californians. Their goal was to create an organization that could unite varied interest groups, from outdoorsmen and women to environmental organizations and the public at large, in order to work towards helping support Wildlife Officers in every way possible. We are an organization for all who appreciate the beauty of California’s wildlife and who wish to support those protecting it.


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Helping support the diligent and dedicated California Wildlife Officers ensures they can continue serving our great state effectively. Join us in helping them protect our beautiful, natural resources for all to enjoy.

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