K9 Luna

K9 Luna served the Department of Fish and Wildlife for 6 years and retired in October of 2022. Luna is a dual-purpose dog and patrolled the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

After retirement, Luna faced some medical issues and CalWOF pledged full support to get her and WO Bolla through her condition.

Luna's Story and How CalWOF Helped

K9 Luna had a long and valuable career with the Department of Fish and Wildlife serving WO Tim Bolla. Luna was retired in October of 2022. WO Bolla reported she wasn’t doing well; she was experiencing complications with one of her eyes due to severe glaucoma. WO Bolla tried to treat an interocular infection at the direction their veterinarian but was unsuccessful. As a result, her glaucoma was causing her much discomfort. The only treatment option was to removed Luna’s eye. Now K9 Luna, with only one eye and a cone is recovering and improving in her spirit and energy. Tim and Luna are adapting to her new lifestyle.

WO Bolla was able to receive full support from CalWOF and give Luna the proper retirement she deserves.

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Luna being Luna

"Thank you so much for the support. It means a lot and my family was shocked when I told them you guys were covering the whole bill. You guys are amazing. Luna is doing great. She has a lot more energy than she had the past few months."

WO BollaWildlife Officer

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