Contribute to CalWOF to help support the Wildlife Officers protecting our natural resources across the state.

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Where Your Donations Go

We provide assistance to Wildlife Officers and their dependants in a number of important ways.

Financial Assistance

Protecting the diverse wildlife of our great state can be both challenging and costly. We provide financial assistance in the form of grants, helping to bolster, prepare, and care for the brave service people who risk everything for our state’s natural resources.


Making sure our officers are educated in a variety of ways is paramount, which is why we’re committed to making higher education affordable. We help Wildlife Officers and their families with college finances and the costs of various educational programs in order to arm them with all manner of knowledge and training.

Training and Safety Support

We’re here to make sure CA Wildlife Officers get what they need to serve our state well. Foundation funds may assist Wildlife Officers in securing resources that are otherwise unavailable in their annual state budget, giving them the tools they need for continued analysis and dynamic research.

Furthering Awareness

Beyond providing financial assistance and educational resources we also exist to further public knowledge about the vital services Wildlife Officers perform. Part of our mission is to teach the citizens of our state about what these brave Officers do, and how all of us can help make sure that they’re taken care of.