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Interested in learning more and helping to protect the wildlife of the Golden State? From providing scholarships or supporting the K-9 program, there are several ways in which CALWOF supports the California Wildlife Officers.

Supporting 'Game Wardens'

Helping us to give back to Wildlife Officers (or Game Wardens as they are often referred to) is one of the best ways to get involved with protecting and preserving our natural resources. With extremely low overhead, you can be assured that your donations help to directly support the Wildlife Officers.


Show Your Support With A Stamp & Coin

The perfect pick for any outdoorsman. Make a statement about your commitment to protecting California’s wildlife with a Warden Stamp or ceremonial coin. 100% of all proceeds go to supporting wildlife officers and their families.


Support Our K-9 Training Program

The K9s who assist our Wildlife Officers are invaluable assets in protecting our natural resources. Help The California Wildlife Officers Foundation support these courageous, 4-legged officers, and share in our pride as we partner them with the Game Wardens who become their lifelong companions.

The K-9s serve in the following ways:

  • Protect their handler, other law enforcement officers, and the public.
  • Track suspects and missing persons, perform area and building searches to locate suspects.
  • Detect illegally taken wildlife, invasive species, hidden firearms, expended casings, and other evidence or articles.
  • Assist in the arrest of suspects.
  • Assist in locating lost or missing persons/officers.
  • Perform valuable educational demonstrations and programs.

CalWOF have provided support in the form of payment of medical bills, purchasing equipment for both “in the field” and training and are now embarking on a campaign to add 10 more trained K-9s to the field. With your support, we can make this goal a reality and equip our Wildlife Officers with a new “partner” in protecting our resources. In 2018, CalWOF has committed to the purchase of 4 more K-9s for the department.


CALWOF was instrumental in issuing a grant to pay for my K-9 partner’s surgery. Due to high cost, this was the only option and thanks to CALWOF, she worked 3 more years. Do not know what K-9 Ellie and I would have done without them.

Lynette ShimekK-9 Supervisor (retired)

Help Spread The Word And Preserve The Future

Information is one of our greatest opportunities for helping Wildlife Officers across our state. Do your part to help spread the word about the important, diligent services they provide and the importance of wildlife protection!


Get Involved

Help enable the brave men and women who put themselves at risk on a daily basis to protect our great state's natural resources.