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CALWOF works to support California Wildlife Officers and their families by providing an array of financial, educational, and communal resources. We are very humbled when we hear from those who benefit from that support.

Generation Next Doctors

Dear Chairwoman Foley and CALWOF Foundation Board Members,

I hope this email finds you as safe and healthy as can be during these times. I wanted to reach out to extend my sincere gratitude for the Foundation’s continuous support over the years in my academic pursuits. Through opportunities I could not have accepted without the Foundation’s scholarships, I have further developed my passion for medicine and desire to become a physician. I am currently working on my application for medical school, which I will submit at the end of May. On June 12, I will graduate from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, with Cum Laude Latin Honors, and Departmental Honors. I am taking a gap year in-between undergraduate and medical school, and will be working as a full-time medical scribe for a dermatology office in Sacramento while I apply to medical school. Because I am taking a gap year and will not be in school, I unfortunately cannot apply for the upcoming CALWOF Scholarship. I did not want that to stop me from thanking you all again for all your support, as you have continued guiding and encouraging me towards my goals of becoming a physician.
I have attached two photos below from my recent medical service trip with Global Medical Training, the organization I have talked about in many of my CALWOF Scholarship essays. Using the CALWOF Scholarship I received last year, I returned to the Dominican Republic in December 2019, this time as President of the UCLA GMT Chapter. Once again, I had the most incredible week serving the communities and learning how to provide the best patient care.
I strive to be successful in my endeavors to attend medical school. I am hoping you’ll see my name on a CALWOF Scholarship application next year, as that means I have succeeded. Thank you again so much for all you have done for me.
Best wishes,
Bridget F.

K-9 Partner Assist

CalWOF has helped out with surgeries for our dogs. For example, K-9 Ellen, who has since passed on, had to have two surgeries. We were given a pretty good price what it was going to cost for surgery and there was no way the Department would be able to pay for that. We thought we would have to retire her and I would have to take out a loan to help my partner. We ended up telling someone from CalWOF about what was going on. I’ll never forget the phone call that said we want to help with the financial cost. K-9 Ellen was able to return to work and we never would have been able to do that without CalWOF.

Lt ShimekHead Trainer

Biology at UC Santa Cruz

Dear Nancy,

Many thanks to you and the Wildlife Officers Foundation Board for awarding me this generous $2,000 scholarship! I am so very grateful for this opportunity, and I am thankful that the Foundation is so supportive of our Wildlife officers. Your work directly affects the families of our officers and is a valuable part of the community in the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

This September I will be attending the University of California Irvine, and I will be studying Biological sciences. Much of my financial burden has been lifted and I am now afforded the opportunity to focus on study and achieving my goals, thanks to the California Wildlife Officers Foundation.

I look forward to hearing more about the wonderful work the California Wildlife Foundation does in the future. Thank you again for choosing me as a recipient of the 2016-2017 scholarship, I am better prepared to tackle the next phase of my career and I can make my visions of success a reality.
Thank you!

Elizabeth H.

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