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The Perfect Career

Meet Wildlife Officer Nathan Smith, K9 Lieutenant Supervisor for the K9 program for the Department of Fish and Wildlife. In the first video of five, CalWOF (Pronounced cal-WOOF) are going to show you just some of the people…and K9s……. who protect California’s vast natural resources. As Lt. Smith states, “Wardens come from all different walks of life. We all have different things that inspired us to go to do this job. For me, not different from a lot of people grew up in the outdoors, had a vast appreciation for being in the wilderness, and then eventually that led me to being a game warden, figuring out that I could finally have a career that worked nearly full time outside, protecting the resources that I love to cherish.”

Third Generation to Protect Our Resources

Meet Wildlife Officer Casey Thomas and K9 Canna. A third generation Game Warden, Casey describes what makes this career so special and how CalWOF has been able to help.

The Best Job There Is

From dangerous field work to visiting classrooms, Officer Buckler and K9 Beedo work for the Department of Fish and Wildlife and love what they do. Learn more about what does these wardens to do what they do and also understand CalWOF’s impact on the K9 program.

What we do as told by one of our Founders

Co-founder and President of CalGWF Ned Spieker offers insights into the life and work of a California game warden and how we can make their job easier and more efficient.

Chief Nancy Foley spent 25 years in various capacities within the Law Enforcement Division.

She was instrumental in raising the profile of California game wardens by securing better and more clearly marked patrol vehicles, developing the K-9 program and helping get National Geographic Channel’s Wild Justice, a show featuring California game wardens, to the airwaves. Foley was selected as the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ (WAFWA) Professional of the Year in 2011.

Protect, Detect and Apprehend

Meet four wildlife officers and their K-9 partners and learn how they work to protect California’s wildlife and natural resources.

Giving voices to animals

Join us as Lieutenant Supervisor Eric Kord talks about how his most valuable contribution as a Wildlife Officer is to give animals a voice of their own. Also learn about how his job on the water directly coincides with his love for and life on the ocean.

Defend and Protect

From its ocean reefs to its highest peaks, California’s wildlife, environments and ecosystems are precious and treasured resources – resources that are defended and protected every day by our state’s Game Wardens. Lt. Warden Christy Wurster explains in this short segment why she needs your help. Support the California Wildlife Officers Foundation today, and help protect those who protect our resources.

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