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How CALWOF Helps

CALWOF works to support California Wildlife Officers and their families by providing an array of financial, educational, and communal resources.

Financial Assistance

Protecting the beautiful, diverse wildlife of our great state can be a challenging, costly, and potentially dangerous job. That’s why we provide financial assistance in the form of grants, helping to bolster, prepare, and care for the brave service people who risk everything for our state’s natural resources. Grants may be used to augment health benefits and provide aid to families of Wildlife Officers who are injured or fall in the line of duty.

Additionally, grants help keep officers equipped with invaluable assets, such as trained K9s to assist in protection, tracking, and the detection of illegal goods. This helps provide extra security and peace of mind for our Officers, as well as those who rely on them. With nearly 100K in grants given out just last year, this is one of our best ways to show support.

K-9 Program

The K-9s who assist the California Wildlife Officers are invaluable assets in protecting our natural resources. The California Wildlife Officers Foundation (CalWOF) is proud to support these courageous 4-legged officers.
As a partner in everyday patrol duties, the K-9s serve in the following ways
  • Protect their handler, other law enforcement officers, and the public.
  • Track suspects and missing persons, perform area and building searches to locate suspects.
  • Detect illegally taken wildlife, invasive species, hidden firearms, expended casings, and other evidence or articles.
  • Assist in the arrest of suspects.
  • Assist in locating lost or missing persons/officers.
  • Perform valuable educational demonstrations and programs.
CalWOF have provided support in the form of payment of medical bills, purchasing equipment for both “in the field” and training and are now embarking on a campaign to add 10 more trained K-9s to the field. With your support, we can make this goal a reality and equip our Wildlife Officers with a new “partner” in protecting our resources. In 2018, CalWOF has committed to the purchase of 4 more K-9s for the department.
“CalWOF has helped out with surgeries for our dogs. For example, K-9 Ellen, who has since passed on, had to have two surgeries. We were given a pretty good price what it was going to cost for surgery and there was no way the Department would be able to pay for that. We thought we would have to retire her and I would have to take out a loan to help my partner. We ended up telling someone from CalWOF about what was going on. I’ll never forget the phone call that said we want to help with the financial cost. K-9 Ellen was able to return to work and we never would have been able to do that without CalWOF.”
-Lt. Shimek, Head Trainer


Making sure our officers are educated in a variety of ways is paramount, which is why we’re committed to making higher education affordable. Wildlife Officers and their family members may apply for financial assistance toward college, both undergraduate and graduate degrees, and other continuing education programs. 

Doing this ensures that Wildlife Officers have every educational resource at their disposal in order to arm themselves with all manner of knowledge and training.

Training and Safety Support

From conducting scientific studies, improving training, or even securing specialized equipment, we’re here to make sure CA Wildlife Officers get what they need to serve our state well. Foundation funds may assist Wildlife Officers in securing resources that are otherwise unavailable in their annual state budget.

This vital service helps them in protecting our natural resources, as well as giving them the tools they need for continued analysis and dynamic research.

Furthering Awareness

Beyond providing financial assistance and educational resources for our WIldlife Officers, we also exist to further public knowledge about the vital services they perform for us. Part of our mission is to teach the citizens of our state about what these brave Officers do, and how all of us can help make sure that they’re taken care of.

Together we can protect the bountiful natural resources of The Golden State, and ensure they’re enjoyed for years to come by generation after generation.

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