Learn how Game Wardens helped this 2020 scholarship recipient make friends in the operating room

My name is Megan Foy. I am finishing my third year of medical school in which I worked in various fields of medicine including OBGYN, Surgery, Internal Medicine, etc. I got to spend some time with Anesthesiologists, the doctors that put you to sleep when you are having a surgery. I was chatting with the physician I was working with one day, and he started talking about his dream job. He said, “Yah know, the best job in the world has got to be a Game Warden! Those people have it figured out. They get to spend all their time outdoors having fun!” I laughed and said my dad was a Captain with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and he got so excited. The rest of our day together was spent talking about fishing, hunting, and sharing my dad’s best work stories. At the end of the day the doctor promised to write me a great evaluation because he had so much fun talking to me about Wildlife Officers. And don’t worry, the patient’s surgery went smoothly as well!

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