Check out this documentary and get a glimpse into life as a Game Warden in California.

Thousands of Succulents, millions of dollars.

When suspicious packages are found in a small town in northern California, Game Warden Pat Freeling, gets a tip about the peculiar activity. After further investigation he exposes a vast network of illegal plant poachers. These smugglers ravage the landscape as they rip thousands of the native succulent, Dudleya Farinosa, from their natural habitat. This small unassuming plant carries a hefty bounty on its head internationally, where a single succulent boasts a price tag in the thousands. With the help of volunteers, native plant biologists, and local government, they fight to stop this ecological destruction.

Winner of Emerald award Coronado Film Festival 2021

Executive Producer – Heist Projects
Executive Producer – Bone and Gold
Executive Producer – Shauna Baur

A film by – Chelsi de Cuba & Gabriel de Cuba
Cinematography – Gabriel de Cuba
Producer – Chelsi de Cuba
Editor – Gabriel de Cuba