From the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Facebook

California wildlife officers are among the many essential employees who are on normal patrol throughout the state to provide public safety and protect California’s natural resources. They are also stepping in to help California in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the San Mateo County Event Center, one of California’s COVID-19 testing locations, wildlife officers help ensure an orderly procession of persons who have an appointment to be tested. Check with your local county health department for information on how to apply to be tested at a location near you.

In San Francisco Bay, wildlife officers on CDFW patrol vessels are working with the U.S. Coast Guard to enforce the temporary fixed safety zone for the C/S Grand Princess, which is at anchorage in the bay. Only supply vessels and logistical support vessels are allowed into the safety zone to support the Grand Princess, which continues to house hundreds of non-US citizens waiting out a 14-day quarantine.

Capt. Mike Kirchner is the primary Law Enforcement Division liaison with the Governor’s Office of Emergency services and is embedded with staff there coordinating California’s response from a statewide perspective. Here he multitasks with directives coming in via email, text and cell. Those directives may translate into tasks that wildlife officers will carry out, which are changing on a daily basis.