A major part of what we do at CALWOF, is to support the K-9’s who support the brave men and women on the Thin Green Line. When a handler from the Department of Fish and Wildlife reaches out with a need related to a K-9, we more often than not respond to that call. In this case, Wildlife Officer Paul Cardoza, reached out about his 11 year partner, K-9 Kilo. Cardoza reached out to CALWOF and sought out the specialists at the UC Davis veterinary hospital. Kilo, a 13-year-old male GSD and Malinois mix, was having trouble walking and supporting himself on his hind limbs, Cardoza sought out the specialists at the UC Davis veterinary hospital.

Luckily, Kilo is on the mend and CALWOF is proud to part of this healing process.

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Get involved!!

If you want to help out the K-9’s make your donation here and designate your tax-free donation to “K-9 Purposes Only.”


As a partner in everyday patrol duties, the K-9s serve in the following ways

  • Protect their handler, other law enforcement officers, and the public.
  • Track suspects and missing persons, perform area and building searches to locate suspects.
  • Detect illegally taken wildlife, invasive species, hidden firearms, expended casings, and other evidence or articles.
  • Assist in the arrest of suspects.
  • Assist in locating lost or missing persons/officers.
  • Perform valuable educational demonstrations and programs.

CalWOF have provided support in the form of payment of medical bills, purchasing equipment for both “in the field” and training and are now embarking on a campaign to add 10 more trained K-9s to the field. With your support, we can make this goal a reality and equip our Wildlife Officers with a new “partner” in protecting our resources. In 2018, CalWOF has committed to the purchase of 4 more K-9s for the department. Read More…..